Karl en el país de las maravillas / Karl in wonderland

Podemos pensar (así lo pensó Diego Velázquez) en Karl como un sucedáneo de Alicia.


Carroll and Alice

We can think (Diego Velázquez thought it) that Karl can be like Alice.

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Miriam Tessmar dijo...

What a beautiful thought.
Here is what Virginia Woolf said about Carrolls Wonderland:
"Down, down, down we fall into that terrifying, wildly inconsequent, yet perfectly logical world where time races, stands still; where space stretches, then contracts. It is the world of sleep; it is also the world of dreams. Without any conscious effort dreams come; the white rabbit, the walrus, and the carpenter, one after another, turning and changing one into the other…. It is for this reason that the two Alice books are not books for children; they are the only books in which we become children. President Wilson, Queen Victoria, The Times leader writer, the late Lord Salisbury—it does not matter how old, how important, or how insignificant you are, you become a child again. To become a child is to be very literal; to find everything so strange that nothing is surprising; to be heartless, to be ruthless, yet to be so passionate that a snub or a shadow drapes the world in gloom. It is to be Alice in Wonderland."
Isn't Onkel Jakob like the White Rabbit? Brunelda like the Walrus? And the Oberkellner like the Carpenter? Monstrous dreams and still as real as they could?