El té de las cinco / Five o'clock tea

(Everybody change the place fastly.)

Brunelda: Occupied.
Delamarche: Occupied.
Robinson: Occupied.
Delamarche: Come on. Sit down. Wine?
Karl: I don’t see any wine.
Robinson: There is no wine here.
Delamarche: What’s the different between a raven and a desk? Between rabbit and a swordfish? Between a boy and a cross stitch? You don’t know it?
Robinson: You don’t know it?
Delamarche: No idea?
Robinson: No idea?
Delamarche: Neither am I.
Robinson: Neither am I.

(Everybody change the place again. Karl tries to escape, but it doesn’t work.)

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Anónimo dijo...

I loved "Amerika" at Nationaltheater Mannheim, I really loved it. I had to smile when I recognized Alice's teaparty and when I heard "white winter hymnal", watching the actors dance